Move with agility, create incremental value step by step.

Let us help you discover what it means to B Agile.

Why we’re here…

Rapidly changing market conditions require organizations to deliver new services and products faster. B Agile provides a methodology that enables your organization to respond quicker. Agile thinking challenges the way you look at your organization and changes the way you compete!

Other consulting companies may offer “big bang” solutions report involving months of interviewing, analyzing processes without actually changing anything. B Agile delivers value one step at a time from day one. Our approach leverages your organization’s resources, unlocking the potential of employees to stay competitive and eliminate complacency.

B Agile offers consulting, training and coaching services to get your company thinking with agility, creating value in small incremental steps through team collaboration.

Unlock the potential of your organization by involving your staff.

Discover the value in your organization

How we’re different…

The B Agile’s approach involves your company’s greatest resource, your people. B Agile unlocks the potential of your organization by involving your staff – from employees on the floor to upper management. Through sharing of specialized knowledge in a collaborative environment, your people will work together to make small incremental changes, solving real business needs.

The B Agile approach gives constant consideration to high value opportunities and ranks them in terms of cost, risk and complexity.

What is meant by value? We define it as an opportunity for improvement. Sometimes value contributes directly to reduction of cost or increase in sales. Other times it is achieved by reducing risk or improving employee retention. Value is what your organization defines it to be.

Through coaching, B Agile facilitates the discovery of value in your organization and leads your team, step-by-step, to greater success.

Our approach

We approach our engagement with our clients as a partnership. Our goal is to be a trustworthy partner who is knowledgeable and accountable to support you into maximizing your ServiceNow investment. We apply Value Driven Agile principles to focus on highest value opportunities; unifying our ServiceNow domain knowledge with your organization’s process capabilities.

B Agile’s ServiceNow services help your organization in areas like:

  • Opportunity Roadmap
    An unbiased answer to the question: “What should we do next?”

    Maximize your ServiceNow investment. We’ll work with your organization to identify opportunities to increase service capability. We’re pragmatic, realistic and work with all stakeholders to deliver an actionable roadmap to get the most out of the ServiceNow platform.

  • Backlog Management
    An objective approach to prioritizing business needs.

    With greater adoption of the platform, demands for new functionality increases. Our services facilitate the objective capture, detailing and ranking of your organization’s needs through engaging collaboration.

  • Value Realization / Staff Augmentation
    Apply the expertise, when you need it.

    Leverage our network of certified, experienced ServiceNow Solution Consultants when you need it. Project to Project or ongoing operational platform support, we’re here to help.

  • ServiceNow domain Expertise
    Apply 10 plus years of ServiceNow experience in: 
    IT Business Management
    IT Service Management
    HR Service Delivery
    Customer Service Management
    Application Development

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