Unlocking your staff’s knowledge is the key to Agility.

Business Consulting with an Agile perspective

B Agile combines business coaching with Agile thinking. We focus on people, conversation, collaboration and creation of value in incremental steps.

How is B Agile different?

The B Agile methodology is what sets us apart from other business consulting companies. Our approach involves your company’s greatest resource: its people. B Agile unlocks the potential of your organization by involving your staff – from employees on the floor to upper management. Through sharing of specialized knowledge, your people work together in an incremental method to solve business needs.

The B Agile approach gives constant consideration to high value opportunities and ranks them in terms of cost, risk and complexity. What is meant by “value”? We define it as an opportunity for improvement. Sometimes value contributes directly to reduction of cost or increase in sales. Other times it is achieved by reducing risk or improving employee retention. Value is what your organization defines it to be. Through coaching, B Agile facilitates the discovery of value in your organization and leads your team, step-by-step, to greater success.

Benefits to application of the B Agile methodology include:

  • Early success
  • Continuous improvements
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to understand, unencumbered process
  • Clarity for all stake holders
  • Focus on high value opportunities
  • Increased employee retention
  • Lower cost than ‘conventional’ business consulting