Illuminating the problem.

Iterating in small steps until there is sufficient clarity to take action.

Business Analysis with an Agile perspective

Good business analysis is fundamental to delivering a successful project. B Agile business analysis services are an ideal solution for short term projects without adding pressure to your payroll. And B Agile’s growing network of business associates provides you with access to experts in your industry.
Business Analysis the Agile way is to illuminate the problem space little by little until there is sufficient clarity about the business need (problem) to take action and make things better. Agile as a methodology allows for doing this as a single person or through a team of people working together to find clarity on both small and large projects.

Our business analysis services include:

• Enterprise Analysis – Delivering data to support a Go/no-Go decision
• Requirements Elicitation – Identifying business needs and objectives
• Requirements Analysis – Prioritizing business requirements
• Solution Assessment – Assessing the feasibility of proposed solutions
• Validation – Answering the question: Are we doing the right thing?